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Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2015 14:40:25 -0500
Subject: week 3

hola todas las personas este carte va a escribir en español. jajajajaja
solo bromeo no puede habla sobre todas las cosas de este semana en solo
español. well Spanish is going well i dislike this keyboard though every
time i email its in Spanish settings but when i am learning Spanish on the
program called TALL it is in english settings its super annoying.
ok so (jaja) im am going to try to give you a run down of my whole week :
I studied.
well that's about it hope you guys are well

jajaja solo bromeo
last Tuesday we had a devotional that was a live broadcast from the provo
mtc elder nelson (is it nealson... no its nilson... no... no se i dont know
how to spell in English anymore) spoke about being a missionary. he called
us "epistles of the lord" it was a really good devotional.
Wednesday : miercoles
today we studied. oh and last Monday it rained it rains a lot here and i
love it. everyone thinks im wierd for not using an umbrella and going
around dancing in the rain. i splashed around in my socks and shorts. it
was amazing. anyway Wednesday we had new missionaries come in its really
cool we have another elder Davis in our zone. he is from ogden utah
(ogdein...ogdan...ogten... i have no clue hope you understand) and its just
kind of cool. this last Sunday the branch president announced that "elder
Davis is going to say the prayer" my face turned white and i was terrified
and really confused for about 4 seconds. the branch president noticed and
said "no the other elder Davis" its going to be an interesting few Sundays.
i have also realized how much i miss hugs. hugging a girl just sounds so
nice right now. we are also teaching people in Spanish and i can feel the
gift of touges (thoungs... tungs... idk... el don de lenguas) so strong in
the lessons and i come out not entirly sure what i said.
Thursday : jovenes
in one of our lessons we learned to chase down prayer. when people say no
don't just let it go. bare testimony and promise blessings and don't take
no for an answer. each week we have to prepare a talk in Spanish and this
week it was about the apostasy. talk about a hard topic. "yea i can
personally relate to this topic because i lived through it and ya know what
it sucked" jajaja everyone was a little worried but elder Hafen and hermana
Jensen were the most worried because they don't feel good about their
Spanish and they didn't bare there testimony last week so they were pretty
sure they were going to be speaking. they announce who is speaking and you
don't know if you are until that happens. anyway they were really nervous
and so i was talking to elder Hafen about things he could use to figure out
what to say. i told him a bunch of stuff and would be able to help him
anytime but Herman Jensen i wasn't so sure about so i wrote a note with a
bunch of sources and page numbers and other stuff to help her. i gave it to
her and she really liked it. she wanted me to read it when she was done and
she wrote a truly amazing talk in Spanish. yes it was mostly from preach my
gospel but it was good. i met an elder who is going to Eugene Oregon. its
so awesome his name is elder Lopp so watch out eugene. (i now have two
people that call me Eugene elder Stalhe and now elder lopp).
Friday was a good day i went from 1 nefi 3 to 1 nefi 11:28 in Spanish.
elder Maxwell is rocking el libro de mormon he was in chapter 17 and i
really wanted to catch up to him so read like all day. president Hinckly
once promised that if you read the book in your mission language then you
will be able to understand your language. i think when i get back i am
going to read it in as many languages i can. highlight of this day was that
elder Hafen got pood on by a parrot it was hilarious because this is the
second person that got hit in out district. elder Baldwin got it right on
his head one day it was great.
Nicholas told me that within the first week i would pass all the Spanish i
learned in high school and i am still being dragged through stuff i already
understand. we have learned how to say things like "i can ride a bike" and
"i am going to talk about the restoration". its interesting and a good
Sundays are so amazing we call the spiritual p-days. i will have you know
that none of us spoke in sacrament meeting this week it was all the
district above us. in priesthood we talked about our call as a missionary.
it was so powerful. a poem was share that i will never forget that goes
like this:

I slept and drempt that life was joy
I awoke and saw that life was duty
I acted, and behold
Duty is joy

this was so powerful. know that i am here to do a work. "[my] calling is
already magnificent, [I] must magnify my work". i know and want to do all i
can. another thing that was said is that "duty is never worthily preformed
until it is preformed by one who would gladly do more if only he could"
this is the point that i want to get to. i want to work so hard that the
only thing that stops me are my physical capabilities. we also had an
incredible devotional (broadcast) by elder Holland. he speaks with such a
powerful spirit it made everyone want to work harder and do more. the part
that got me was when he started talking about Paul and his like for Christ.
this story holds a really special place in my heart because of you amber. i
love you so much and your testimony about Christ and his life. i never
really thought a lot about Christs life but amber and i would talk about it
a lot. i really miss being able to talk to you, amber i love you so much.
when he started talking about this i just completely lost it. that is the
hardest i have cried this entire time. i love you and miss you. i hope that
i can be as converted as pual was. i truly love my savior and i am out here
to feed his sheep. my testimony is so strong here. elder Holland stressed
the point that this was not a set span of time kind of thing. once you
started on this path you cannot just go back to your old ways and go
fishing. Christ called Paul for the rest of his life. and so to has he
called me. this was one of the first things i expressed to my district that
i have already promised my life to him and this is not just 2 years. there
is an importance in true conversion. i believe i have already said this but
i am going to say it again. "if a testimony is simply what you know to be
true then conversion is constantly staying true to what you know. right now
i speak to all the returned missionaries. your mission has not ended. it
will never end. Christ has called you to the work for all your life. dont
just go back to fishing. "be ye fishers of men" ill tell you that once you
start there is no end. you may not have the tag but you are still
missionaries. the rest of your life you will serve then you will die and
begin serving again in the spirit world then judgement will come and the
entire thing will start over whether you are angels serving other worlds or
whether you a making those worlds yourself nevertheless there is no end.
serve for behold duty is joy.
i love you all and hope you are ally doing well
love your missionary
elder Davis
(gosh that weird)

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