Saturday, July 23, 2016

Date: Tue, Aug 4, 2015 at 12:06 PM
Subject: week 2

hi everyone whats been happening? here it has been pretty interesting. so funny story first (you gatta hook the reader). this last Sunday was fast and testimony meeting and i had written up some stuff in Spanish. one of my lines was hay una guerra entre de jesucristo y satan. the word guerra means war but the word  guera (pretend there are two dots above the "u" this keyboard is killing me) and that means "blonde girl" it was so terrible but the branch president corrected me.
OK so (i thought you would like that) my scheduled goes a little like this. i wake up at 6:30 every morning jump in the shower and then get to our classroom at 7 to start studying. i have been reading through preach my gospel but last Sunday we had a devotional where we were challenged to read the book of Mormon ill talk about that latter. anyway after about an hour of studying we go to breakfast (by the way to food is weird ill get to that to) then we return to the class room to do a little more studying and then we will usually have a teacher come in and teach a Spanish lesson or coach us in teaching lessons or we will have some other form of study. we will be in there up until lunch. we occasionally read the book of Mormon as a group practice teaching in Spanish or some thing like that. we will then go to lunch and then come back to (yep you guessed it ) more studying. we then teach our investigator (just practice. we are not driving away real investigators with our awful Spanish) we taught Ricardo the first week and now we have graduated to teaching two at a time we trade off everyday of teaching Luis and jose. they are played by our teacher and its kind of strange. then we will do some more studying and then go to dinner. after dinner we have just enough time to STUDDYYY some more. never the less my Spanish is coming along well. then when we are all done with studying we do some planning (which kind of seems pointless because on the first day we were given a schedule that tells us what we will do every minute of every day i am here) then we say a prayer (in Spanish and English we need the blessings) and we go to our casas. i write in my journal and end the night with a nice contentious conversation with elder stalhe.
ok the devotional was a broadcast from a talk given by elder Bernard (yes i agree he is pretty awesome) given in 2011 to the Provo mtc on Christmas day. he talked a lot about the character of Christ. he also said that about 70 percent of missionaries eventually go in active or leave the church. he exclaimed how important it was to become converted. he said "if a testimony is what you know to be true then conversion is consistently staying true to what you know" i love that quote so much.
OK the food . the have things that range from you classic Costco pizza (which we have every Tuesday) to that weird thing that looks like... well i don't know if that's appropriate to say. never the less it looks really weird and makes you think "this is the end everybody 'we who are about to die solute you' i'll see you in the bathroom" "elder turn on the fan!" oh wait we don't have one. most everything has tasted alright and i have not had any boul problems.
"pray like Enos, work like Nefi, love like Christ"
our district leader elder hafen is such a cool guy. in his going away talk he quoted the song from Hercules 'i can go the distance' if you get a chance read the words of that its a great song. we sing a lot of songs. we have started working on a missionary version of 'lets get down to business' 
it goes a little like this "lets get down to business to-o preach... the word"
well work on it and ill tell you about it
also people leave every week and this time people from our district were leaving. in sacrament meeting they sang a beautiful song. it was "savior stay this night with me" i think that what it is called. honestly everything is in Spanish. it was so beautiful. i just could not help from crying. before i came out here i was watching the other side of heavan and when that song came on heather said that that was her favorite hymn. i thought of her and could not keep myself together it was just so powerful!
well i love you all and i'm sorry this one is not as long as the last we aren't supposed to be on quite as long. i miss you guys and hope you are doing well.

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