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Date: Tue, Aug 18, 2015 at 12:27 PM

hello everyone 
so this week has been intents (like the circus) 
ok entonces i have rally enjoyed Sundays here they are amazing as are Tuesdays we have devotionals on these days and they are always so amazing. last Tuesday we listened to elder Holland talk and he emphisised the necessity of the spirit when we teach. "if ye receive not the spirit ye shall not teach" shall is used in commandment nothing else. i think back to some of the ways people try to explain our religion. i saw a you tube video right before i left and i could see how it was trying to fit but it did not have the spirit and so it couldn't teach and it shouldn't have been teaching.
we played a prank on the hermanas with the help of our zone leaders. we convinced them that they had to take their passports to reception and get them scanned other wise they could not leave. they ran over there and spent 20 minute trying to straiten things out (btw the people at reception speak like no English) they came back and we died. it was so funny. they were really awesome about it and were not very mad they agreed that it was funny. 
to learn Spanish i have started writing down every verb in one of our religious dictionary. its really cool and i think it will be a lot of help.
yesterday we saw these people cleaning the gym and we asked if this was their service project and they said "no we tried to hope the fence". they got in trouble and now this was their punishment.
another day i met someone who was almost as good as Thomas at piano. he has played for 10 years and was pretty good at improve. i miss my trumpet so much and the mariachi bands that play all night don't help one bit.
funniest thing happened on Saturday too. we were trying to prank the hermanas again and we put tape across the door. one about neck level and then one at foot level. then this older guy came and he was so cool. he came to tell us about the temple trip which i will talk about in a minute. he only saw the top one so he asked if it would trip an alarm we told him no it was harmless. he ducked under it and broke the one on the bottom. his face was so great. he laughed and took the tape off his feet. he then told us about all of this stuff and then on his way out he forgot about the tape. we all tried to warn him but he ran into the tape. it hit is neck and broke it was the funniest thing!
yesterday (also funny) elder stalhe was showing how these tide pack things for washing your clothes don't break. he threw it in the air really high and it hit the ground but didn't break. he then tried it again and it got stuck in a palm tree. is face was so sad. it was so funny! now a parrot is going to eat it or its going to rain (water makes them break) and a missionary will be walking by and think they got pooped on by a very good smelling bird.
OK there temple. the temple just finished being built and we got to go to the open house. we jumped on a bus and went to the temple it was cool it is the first time i have been outside these walls for 5 weeks. i have a bunch of pictures to send but unfortunately you cant send more then one picture per email so guess who is spaming mommy's email. we sang hymns in Spanish all the way up. we got there and we went through the visitors center which was really pretty. it was cool to see the symbolism in the temple. in the temple there are a lot of squares and circles. the squares represent earth and the circles heaven. i paid way too much attention to the carpet. in the visitors center the carpet was a bunch of green squares. on the first floor of the temple it was a lighter green carpet with equal squares and circles. on the two upper floors it was the same style of carpet but it was much lighter and the circles poped out more than the squares. it was an amazing experience. when we got back to the ccm out guide person said that his favorite moment was when we were in the celestial room because we all just looked at the chandelier. this was probably my favorite too. chandeliers in older times and yes kind of still now have the job of sustaining the light and reflecting it all about the room. he likend us to that chandelier. we are not the light. it is not about us. we simply sustain the light and reflect it. as missionaries we are here to take the light of Christ to every single person. i love this analogy. 
that has been my week más o menos. i hope all of you are doing well. i miss you all a lot. in the visitors center they showed a video about families and it made me realize how much i miss mine. its been 5 weeks and im feeling like this. its going to be a long to years. (ive started to miss hugging girls to).
well buenos suerte con todas cosas y recuerde, Dios nos ama y él puede ayudar con todos los problemas. por favor ore lea las escrituras y asista la iglesia. yo sé qué jesucristo es el salvador ye también ye sé qué las escrituras es verdadero y yo estoy aquí para proclemar este. estoy aquí parra invitar a las personas a venir a cristo al ayudarlas a que reciben el evangelio resturado mediante la fe en jesucristo y su expiacion, arrepentimiento, el bautismo, la recepcion del don del espiritu santo, y el preseverar hasta al fin. 
i love the translation  of endure to the end in Spanish (preseverar hasta al fin) it sounds like preserve until the end. it has a more positive sound to it.
i love you all
love Elder Davis
p.s. im still not used to that. i still introduce myself as Ryan its a problem.

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