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Date: Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 11:41 AM
Subject: week 6

well its my last week here in the ccm 
oh hi by the way
so how is elder Davis doing? well he is doing pretty good. his Spanish is pretty good and he can teach lessons like a boss. 
jajajaja well i picked up my flight information today from reccepcion i found out that my companion is not going on the same plane as well any of us. everyone is flying delta and he is flying air mexico. its going to be interesting to see if he makes it to texas. our mission president just challenged us to read the book of Mormon in 40 days. im a little scared because of this because i am a slow reader.
well what happened this week?
well on Tuesday night we saw a devotional again it was really good. it was by elder Bernard and he spoke about the character of Christ i love this talk a lot. i have done a lot of studying like usual. iv helped the Hermanas and sometimes others to understand Spanish. people are stating to be tired of the same old thing wake up, study, eat, go to bed, repeat. i'm doing really well though. i love being able to explain things. i've felt the gift of tongs very strong. i have started to feel an incredible love for the people i teach even though they are not real yet. i teach two guys and two girls. their names are Luis Valdez, Jose Luis, Sabrina, and Ali.
we had a lesson with Ali yesterday where she told us that she and an old boy friend had dealt drugs (remember these are characters played by other missionaries this story is not real). i had no clue what to say!! i was truly confounded. then i remembered that with the spirit we will never be confounded by the things they say and so i said a little prayer. it was a little awkwardly quiet because my companion didn't know what to say either. then the spirit took over. you know how usually you have a plan in your head of what you are going to say and how you are going to say it? well i usually do and in spanish it is really important because you have to translate it before you say it. i found myself saying stuff that was definitely not coming from me. i didn't need to translate because i was not the one talking. i know that the spirit was there. i talked to Hermana Brantly afterwards and she said that i had said the exact things she needed. it was amazing and i cant wait to feel this way with real investigators.
just so you all know, i am still doing math. i've taught elder Rios how to solve the rubics cube in addition i gave him some math problems. one i told him was: what two prime numbers add up to 1000. to help him i programmed a program into my calculator that would check if a number is prime or not. it was fun.
i am literally in the coolest district. they pass down things from district to district. they are so cool. i am not allowed to say much about it but it is so awesome.
this last Sunday was amazing i took so many notes in my pad that i ran out of room and had to get a different one. that has been más o menos my week. 
oh i also got a haircut i look pretty darn good if i do say so myself;) the people were so nice. 
well i hope you are all doing really well i love you all and will tell you all about Texas in my next email. wow this went fast. 
love Elder Davis 

PS.... this next week elder Christopherson is coming to speak to us. im so excited to be in the same room as a general authority. i wonder what he will peak about. its going to be so awesome. 
lets see the food is pretty wierd but i am starting to get used to it. i dont really know what else to write. it is literally the same every day. 
i love my district so much they are so cool im going to miss them a lot. we have started to pass around transfer journals and its so sad! i really like speaking spanish to them and learning with them. we need to be a lot better about "soló español". we have goals to speak only spanish for this entire week but i am really bad at it. in a lesson i can get my point across and do it with the spirit but when it comes to just talking in spanish for normal conversations cant do it. our teacher asks why we dont speak spanish all the time and our answer is because we have learned how to talk about gospel things so if someone wants to talk about the restoration the we could go all day but when it comes to what we like to do ive got like 3 sentances (ooh something weird : the word in spanish for sentence is oración and so is the word for prayer.)
why do i love spanish: it's letters make one maybe two sounds ever. in english if you have the letter a well it could make the sound it does in "latter" or the sound it makes in "late" or or the sound in "law" but in spanish no matter what it makes the sound like in "law"
why do i love english : english words mean one thing. for instance the word "potato" refers to the vegetable. nothing else. and the word "time" only means the measurement between events. in spanish the word for "potato" is "papá". this word also can mean the "pope" or your "dad". the word "time" is "tiempo" but it can also mean "weather".  also spanish uses two diferent word for almost everything. the verb "to know" is either "conocer" or "saber" conocer is used when you are talking about a person or an idea. saber is used when you are talking about facts. the verb "to be" is either "estar" or "ser". estar is used when its about an emotion or a temporary thing. ser is used when talking about characteristics or things that dont change. oh and then past tense. spanish has two different past tenses and i still dont really know when to use them. there are so many more examples. 
i am so excited to get mail when i get back to the states. i am really excited to meet the mission president and my new companion. i really hope he wants to work because i sure as heck want to get working!! 

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