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Date: Tue, Jul 28, 2015 at 12:42 PM

Dear everyone
Hey well I'm here. at El Centro de Capacitacion Cisional Mexico or the ccm (ce ce eme). its very beautiful and its been amazing. 
so where to begin. i hoped on a plane at LAX with a dream in my heart again. wait that's not how it started. i was leaven on a jet plane don't know when i'll be back again. wait that's not it either. i'm am sorry about my bad grammar i always would us Microsoft word so i didn't have to capitalize (sorry David and Thomas) anyway i went to the airport at 4 in the morning in the Eugene airport. i went through security without crying it was close though i looked back and almost lost it right there. the plane was tiny and the chairs were really uncomfortable. we went all the way to Utah and i get of the plane and see what gate i am in. turns out i have to go all the way around this horse shoe thing to gate C2. i turn the corner and see a ton of suits. i walked up (casually of course) and said "so, we all missionaries here?". they were and then i had to go to the bathroom. i tried the bathroom on the plane and it was so cramped imagine the smallest closet you have and then curve all of the edges and drop the ceiling down about a foot. then put every possible thing you might need in the bathroom in it. 
so Utah well it was just like any other airport (you know... planes). i found a guy named elder hafen who was also going to Dallas Texas we talked a little, stood there a little awkward and then got on the that was my first time ever in Utah yeeeaaahhheeaa!
this plane was much bigger. i got the window seat it was cool. i sat next to an elder and an hermana was on the other side of him. we never went to sleep. we played a bunch of games that consisted of ghost, i spy, and word games like that. the elder [who's first name was also Ryan (saw it on his customs forms)] was going to Honduras and the hermana was going to some small place in mexico.
we finally got to mexico and us three stayed together as best we could. oh and yes David she was cute. actually all of the hermanas in my district are pretty cute. anyway that comes latter. we went through customs and all this airport boring stuff and the some 70 to 80 missionaries were pulled over to this area where we lined up our bags and sat down in these bleacher things. we waited a good long time and then were stuffed in this big party bus. we then had about a 45 minute drive to the ccm. drivers here are crazy!!!!!!!!. they just kind of move around where ever they want. the lanes are so small i could open the window and touch the buss next to us without my elbow leaving the bus it was terrifyingly awesome (no mommy i didn't actually do that) you know how Eugene has there homeless on the side of the street begging well here its a little similar but instead of just sitting there on the side holding a sign here they hold huge boxes of what i believe are peppers and the walk around in the middle of the road selling peppers. it was crazy there is barley any room between the cars but people still manage to be in there. 
we finally got to the ccm without too much honking and breaking (but trust me there was plenty). we were herded into the Thomas S Monson building to send a quick email confirming we are alive and telling the mailing address. btw i can receive mail but not packages unless they are ordered online and sent here. so bring on the letters!!
Elder Davis
31/082015 12-A
Carretera Tenayuca-Chalmita #828
Colonia Zona Escolar, Gustavo A. Madero
07230 Mexico, Distrito Federal

that is the mailing address
after all of this checking stuff we were sent to our houses where we met our new companions. mine is Elder Palmer he is a cool guy, also going to Dallas Texas. and we share a room with Elder Maxwell and Elder Stalhe. they are all really cool Elder Palmer is from Arizona and is "as red neck as you can get" his words not mine. Elder Stalhe has nick named me Elder Eugene. he is from Utah and it turns out there is a lot of different stuff that Eugene does that Utah doesn't. we have had some pretty fun debates about apple products (my whole room is against me), batman vs superman, and some other stuff that i cant remember. they ask what kind of car people drove before the mission and a told them "a bicycle" they laughed at me. 
we went to meet our district the next day. my district consistes of 11 people the triad of hermanas and 8 Elders. we are all going to Dallas Texas except for Elder Stalhe. he is going to Honduras. we make jokes a lot because apparently in Honduras your native companions might steal from you, it has one of the largest death rates in the world, he cant get batteries there, packages will take forever and he has to have this huge bottle of bug repellent that could very well kill him if he doesn't wash his clothes after he douses them with it. we are pretty sure he is going to die. anyway my district consists of Elder Hafen (who is our District Leader) Elder Rios (who dispite his name in not fluent in Spanish) they are companions then Elder Bolwin (who is a smart and maybe a little nerdy) who is pared with Elder Allen (who totally seems like he was a skater dude before the mission) then Elder Maxwell (who has bright red hair and got a lot of strange looks from the Latinos here) who is pared with Elder Stahle (pronounced like stay-leey) then Elder Palmer (who is pretty much the second coolest guy in our district) who is pared with Elder Davis (who is just pretty darn great i have come to know a lot about him) and then our trio consists of Hermana jenson, Hermana Cloward (who had really powerful comments when we were learning to teach an investigator), and Hemana Brantly they are all pretty darn cool. 
there is a sickness going around here people are just dropping like flies but not a single person in our district is sick. they say our generation brought it but we are still here. 
Spanish is all coming back pretty well. we taught our first investigator in Spanish on Friday. it was crazy fast. i am doing well but the food is so weird the have absolutely no salt and little to none other seasonings. every time i pick up a plate of food a little voice inside me says "this is the end Elder Davis, this is the end" one time though i grabbed some honeydew melon but it turned out to be all the edge piece and so it didn't taste very good. they tell us not to waste food so i decided i would share the load so it dint look like i didn't eat any of my fruit i was going to put some of it on everyone else's plates to share the load. i started putting some on Elder Rios' plate while he was talking to someone on the other side of him. he didn't notice that i was putting it on there but he did notice it was there so he started eating is. Elder Hafen just busted up laughing and so i continued adding some to Elder Rios' plate it took him a while before he noticed and just kept eating it finally he caught me and his reaction was just hilarious everyone was laughing at this point and Elder Rios just started to get up to put his dishes away it was amazing!!

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